Beach Road

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The project

Landscapists took a barren unused turf slope and created a fun garden, uniquely suited to the client’s lifestyle and personality.

This garden carves out a journey. We stripped this area bare and sculpted a meandering path that encourages the eye on its way. From the moment you take your first step in you are welcomed with an explosion of textures and colours of the eclectic plant selection.

Large sandstone boulders were installed to provide structural elements such as stairs and subtle retaining as well as interacting with plant material for interest.

A meandering path of turf guides you through the garden to an open space for seating. Beyond a repurposed fire pit/planter, via sandstone boulder steps is a quiet path back to the house.

This garden suits the clients’ unique affinity for varied plant types and their enjoyment of working with hardy plants. It offers year-round flowering and interest. A real joy of a garden to watch develop.

"Landscapists were great to work with during the design stage and construction stage as they listened to what I wanted but also came up with innovative ways to work with the shape of my land. They are always happy to give me advice and take on any maintenance from time to time. Three years on my garden continues to bring me joy as it is easy to maintain and is visually spectacular."
Carolyn Steinberg

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