Hitchcocks Lane

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The project

The clients engaged with Landscapists to create a private and functional area in their existing courtyard.

The client had some very specific ideas about what they wanted and started with their own design to work from. As we moved through the design process the clients felt they were attempting to recreate a previous garden and asked us to push and investigate something different.

This became the most rewarding design process to date where the client introduced ideas that were such a departure from our first discussions but seem so well suited today.

As the garden establishes in future years, the vertical elements such as the custom steel and hardwood-faced arbour will provide a sense of canopy within their suburban backyard utilising climbing plant species such as Vitus and Parthenocissus.

The plant out of softer vegetation within the garden, using herbaceous perennials like Agastache alongside soft grasses like native Poas, contributes to the overall lush ambience; a welcome contrast to the hardscape surfaces such as the endicott filleti paving and recycled brick curved seat topped with custom concrete capping.

This carefully considered design has been brought to life to become an outdoor living space that is low maintenance and enjoyable for years to come.

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